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Welcome to Ankeny Girls Softball

Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Information


- 6U - Birth Year 2016 (SEASON STARTS FEBRUARY 1, 2023)

- 7U - Birth Year 2015 (SEASON STARTS SEPTEMBER 1, 2022)

- 8U - Birth Year 2014 (SEASON STARTS SEPTEMBER 1, 2022)

- 9U - Birth Year 2013 (SEASON STARTS AUGUST 1, 2022)

- 10U - Birth Year 2012 (SEASON STARTS AUGUST 1, 2022)

- 11U - Birth Year 2011 (SEASON STARTS AUGUST 1, 2022)

- 12U - Birth Year 2010 (SEASON STARTS AUGUST 1, 2022)

- 13U - Birth Year 2009 & 2008 (SEASON STARTS AUGUST 1, 2022)

2022-2023 Ankeny Xtreme Approved Head Coaches:

12U Black Coached by Kelli Ott

12U Blue Coached by Angie Miller

11U Black Coached by  Aaron Seifert

10U Black Coached by Stacey Munger

10U Blue Coached by Joe Ford

10U Gray Coached by Matt Riesberg

9U Black Coached by Ryan Finestead

8U Black Coached by Hilleri Steinbrecher

8U Blue Coached by James Crosby

7U Black Coached by Dawn Takekawa

7U Blue - Co-Coached by Aubree Bethel & Tyler Mosier

Head Coaching Pool (in no specific order)
11U - Stephanie Draper, Justin Cooper, Heidi Quinn

9U - Megan Narwold

8U - Kaly Fette, Jeremy Dilling

6U - Troy Keuning


 - Registration is open nd will close on June 26th, 2022 for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Season.  

 -  6U, 7U, and 8U will pay their full registration or select a payment plan option.

 -  9U, 10U, 11U and 12U will register for tryouts and pay a $25 non refundable fee.  Once a player has accepted a bid to a team, that player will register for the new season to pay in full the amount of $600 or select a payment plan option.

  - If you have a complete team with all Ankeny residence, please contact us directly at

  - Any special requests for player movement should be made prior to registration as some requests do require board approval.


- Pre-Bids is a process that was created by the association to start the process of forming teams by selecting a coach for each age division.  Once a coach has pre-bid and filled their roster, another coach will be selected to continue the pre-bid process.  If the coach that was first selected does not pre-bid their entire roster, the process stops and that age division will continue on with tryouts.

- Ankeny Xtreme 10U, 11U & 12U Black will start pre-bidding players on June 20th and pre-bidding will be completed by tryouts.  Players that receive a pre-bid will have 48 hours to accept their bid and register.


  - 6U, 7U & 8U there are no tryouts.

  - 9U & 10U Tryouts are on June 27th from 6pm to 9pm at Prairie Ridge Sports Complex with a rain out date schedule for June 28th.

  - 11U & 12U Tryouts are on June 29th from 6pm to 9pm at Prairie Ridge Sports Complex with a rain out date scheduled for June 30th.

  - 13U there are no tryouts.


  - Sign up to coach within our organization by going to COACHES APPLICATION


  - Uniform fittings will take place the week of player tryouts.  A date will be announced for those age groups that do not tryout.

                           REQUIRED UNIFORMS

                          OPTIONAL UNIFORMS   

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