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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding our competitive teams. Many decisions, such as what tournaments to enter and how often each team practices, are left up to the discretion of each coach and the families involved with each team. The AGSA team sets a maximum number of tournaments that can be entered by each team. 


What is the difference between Competitive League and Parks and Recreation League softball?

Both leagues are managed by the Ankeny Girls Softball Association (AGSA), however the Parks and Recreation league is offered through the city of Ankeny.   The Parks and Recreation program is a 6-week program for 6U-14U players.   It begins in August and ends the last weekend of September.   It is a great way for a player to tryout the sport of softball. Teams will practice 2 times a week during the weekday and then play 2 games a week during the weekday through the season.   The season ends with an all-day tournament, usually the last Saturday in September.   The Competitive League is offered through the AGSA with softball being played in the fall AND spring/summer.  This is softball at a higher level with more experienced players and 40+ games a season.  It is offered for 8U-13U players.


What age group does my child fall into? 

Age classification is determined by your players age on December 31st, 2020.  


How does the team selection process work?

Player evaluations take place for 1 week with the following week set for make ups.  Players are evaluated by an independent team and then placed by a team selection committee utilizing player evaluations and prior year coachesâ?? evaluations. 

How much will they travel?

Most tournaments are played in the Des Moines metro area. A team may travel anywhere to compete in a tournament which is decided on by the coach and parents.    Most teams won't travel beyond the Des Moines metro and may not spend a single night in a hotel room during a season. Some teams may decide to travel out-of-state or outside the metro but not on a weekly basis.


When is the tournament season?

Competitive teams are formed by the beginning of September, following our Developmental League. Teams will scrimmage and play in tournaments until the end of October. In the spring, teams will play near the end of March to the beginning of July. Winter practice are available for our teams in our indoor facility. Teams will be assigned indoor practice times beginning in January.


How many players are on a team?

Player rosters are established based on registration numbers and are reviewed once registration is closed.   Teams range from 10 to 12 players per team, dependent upon age and USSSA classification.


How many practices can my daughter expect to have during the season and off season? 

Most teams will practice 2 times per week during softball season.   In the winter months, all AGSA teams are given practice times of 2-3 times a week at the Iowa Sports Academy indoor facility.


How many games are played, and when? 

Tournament games are typically played on weekends beginning on Friday evenings(sometimes), then Saturday and Sunday. Each tournament usually has 4-7 games, depending on how far a team advances with wins. Most teams will enter 3-4 fall tournaments in the fall and 6-7 in the spring. You could expect to play around 15 + games in the fall and 30+ games in the spring.


Uniforms and equipment?

Uniforms are selected by the AGSA Board. They consist of a black jersey and a royal blue jersey, black pants and royal blue socks. Each player will be assigned a number by the apparel coordinator. This number will remain with that player throughout her career with AGSA. Players are not permitted to attach their name to their jersey. Uniforms are purchased at the expense of the player. Jerseys are purchased through AGSA and pants and socks may be purchased at any sporting goods store or online. Fielding masks are required of all participating players. This helps develop confidence and security in players. All players are also responsible for supplying their own bat, helmet, glove and bag.  

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